RG Moonfall

As a followup to my last article, I wanted to write a quick one about another Call of the Full Moon deck I’ve been playing to some success locally and online. This version utilizes Green for powerful cards like Scythe Leopard, Snapping Gnarlid, Hooting Mandrils, and of course Atarka’s Command.

Much like the Lunatic Wins version I covered in my previous article, we have access to 12 premium 1-drops that are ideal targets for Call of the Full Moon, but by “going green” we gain access to the insanely powerful Atarka’s Command, which is better in this deck than in conventional GR Landfall. Not only do we have a greater capacity to burn out our opponent, but with so many powerful 1-drops we can commit to a wider board faster than other landfall decks, thus utilizing the pump mode more effectively. Although we sacrifice the Temur Battle Rage / Titan’s strength gameplan, we gain more diverse and less predictable angles of attack, are less dependent on small, non-haste creatures to close the game, and reap the benefits of additional built-in interaction.

I’m on the fence about Flamewake Phoenix. It is better than seems at first glance, as it can fly over so many decks as a repeatable source of damage that gives us another angle of attack. Fliers are really at a premium currently in this metagame dominated by Abzan, Rally, and Ramp decks which all try to clog up the ground. If they kill our phoenix, we have some ways to recur it: Snapping Gnarlid gets to 4 quite often in a deck with 12 fetchlands, plus any creature with a Full Moon or Become Immense on it. I think this list needs improvement, but so far the archetype seems powerful and refreshing.

RG Moonfall:

4 Scythe Leopard
4 Monastery Swiftspear
4 Zurgo Bellstriker
4 Snapping Gnarlid
2 Den Protector
1 Yasova Dragonclaw
3 Flamewake Phoenix
4 Call of the Full Moon
4 Atarka’s Command
1 Arc Lightning
4 Exquisite Firecraft
2 Become Immense
4 Windswept Heath
4 Wooded Foothills
4 Bloodstained Mire
4 Cinder Glade
3 Forest
4 Mountain


2 Wild Slash
1 Rending Volley
1 Den Protector
4 Devour in Flames
2 Arc Lightning
3 Outpost Siege
2 Hooting Mandrills

The sideboard is pretty self-explanatory, but in a primitive stage (like the rest of the deck). For now, I chose Wild Slash instead of Fiery Impulse because this list will usually not get to Spell Mastery until late game and it complements our burn angle. With the playset of Call of the Full Moon, we are also less concerned about being blocked profitably by 3-toughness creatures.

Against Atarka Red we bring in Wild Slashes and Arc Lightning, against control or grindier matchups we bring in Outpost Siege and more Den Protectors, against decks with Jace we bring in Wild Slash and Rending Volley (Rending Volley being also particularly useful against Dragonlord Ojutai, Soulfire Grand Master and Mantis Rider), and against any deck with troublesome big creatures and/or Planeswalkers we can bring in my favorite new addition to the archetype: Devour in Flames. Have you read this card? It is a godsend for a Landfall-based deck with a low mana curve, which turns the drawback into more landfall triggers.

Devour in Flames

That’s all for today–thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “RG Moonfall

  1. I really like the idea of Devour in Flames, but is it better than Roast? That’s the question I keep asking myself and I always seem to just prefer the two mana cost. I don’t know though, you probably need a lot of testing to work it out.


    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! In almost any other deck I would agree that the lower casting cost of Roast makes it a better option, but here we will often want to be casting just one spell per turn after landing a CFM which will put us so far ahead of tempo that we can afford to sacrifice a small amount of tempo in exchange for a more versatile removal spell. But Devour also has the upside of bouncing a land for more landfall triggers, which doesn’t really cost us tempo like its supposed to because our curve tops off at 3 cmc. Still, Roast is a great removal spell in this format and maybe there’s a place for it, especially since its effective at sniping Jace, and has usefulness in the Atarka Red matchup which is a very unfavorable one for us. Perhaps something like 1 Roast and 3 Devour would be better or even a 2/2 split. I’m also considering cutting another spell from the board so I could run 2 Roast/3 Devour.


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