Oath of the Gatewatch is Fully Spoiled… Let the Brewing Begin!

Hello friends!

Welcome to the all-new MTG Lab, a laboratory for research and development of new Magic: the Gathering deck technology.

Now that Oath of the Gatewatch has been completely spoiled, we find ourselves at the dawn of a revitalized standard format, with 184 new cards ready to be experimented with by mad scientists such as ourselves.

I am especially excited about the prospect of a Blue and Red tempo deck that I have been trying to make work in Standard since I first saw Monastery Swiftspear and Treasure Cruise. Well, they finally printed the missing piece of the puzzle, and that is why Stormchaser Mage is already my favorite card in the set:

Stormchaser mage

Already I have 12 new decks brewing in the furnace, a few of which may actually be competitive. Stay tuned for upcoming posts detailing these various decks, as well as their testing results.


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